Platinum Plated Sterling Silver "100 Facets Collection" Solitaire Cubic Zirconia Ring

"100 Facets Collection"
This sparkling cubic zirconia ring adds instant glamour to your style. A 100-facet round of icy clear cubic zirconia crowns a slender platinum-dipped sterling silver band. The dazzling centerstone is mounted in a four-prong setting and banded at the base with additional accent stones. Platinum overlay gives this ring a beautiful luster and makes it hypoallergenic and tarnish-proof.

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Product Reviews for Platinum Plated 

Solitaire Cubic Zirconia Ring

Absolutely stunning ring. For me it's quite obvious it's fake - I wouldn't own a 4 carat diamond - but I'm going on vacation..who cares! I almost laughed a little at the size (it's big) but since the rest of the ring is understated simplicity it's a great buy for the money. Treat yourself and get a feel for the way the other half lives.
Great price and my wife loves the ring. She has been wanting one of these rings and this was the best price found. The ring and stone are both nice. Considering what a real stone like this would cost, you can enjoy the same without the price. I looked at the price of a real stone and it could be a couple of million dollars for 8 karot with this clarity/quality. Why not enjoy the same without the cost! She tells everyone it is not real so that they can consider buying one for an affordable cost.
 "100 Facets Collection" Solitaire Cubic Zirconia Ring
This is an amazing looking ring for a great price. The main stone appears to be upward of 6 carats. It's well cut and the light dispersion within is way more than I ever had any right to expect from any cubic zirconia, much less such a reasonably priced one.
I didn't detect the fish eye defect another reviewer mentioned. There wasn't a significant nail head defect either (for those who don't know, these defects refer to dark spots within the stone where light isn't properly reflected due to cutting the stone too shallow or too deep).
A real diamond and platinum ring this size would cost upwards of 75,000. As someone who worked in the jewelry industry I can say I was truly impressed with the high quality of this costume jewelry ring. It looks like a real diamond, however, with my salary everyone knows it's not the real deal :-)
This CZ is HUGE and Beautiful! I was originally attracted to this ring it for the setting. I didn't look at the size of the stone until after I had ordered it. This is a GORGEOUS ring! It should be from the "1000 Facets" collection vs. the "100 Facets" collection.... However, so sparkly, that anyone who really knows diamonds will know it's not real immediately. Still very pretty and fun to wear.
Box of  "100 Facets Collection" Solitaire Cubic Zirconia Ring
After wearing my wedding rings daily for 37 years the jeweler told me it's time to retire them. I decided to check out Amazon for an inexpensive stand-in to wear every day. This is a beautiful ring with brilliant shine and impressive in looks. I've received many compliments and positive reactions. The ring is well made. My only complaint - The sizes run a bit large. I actually wear a 6 1/2. I ordered a 7 and have to wear a ring snuggie, which does the trick. I plan on ordering a plain silver band to wear with it. Ladies, if you want flash and eye catching sparkle, this is the ring for you.
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